Admission Requirements

Here at Spa Academy, we don’t believe good grades, a glowing reference letter, or being good friends with a Spa Academy graduate make you a good esthetician. That’s not to say these things can’t help make you a great esthetician, but we believe more in creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, a love for the industry, and a passion for doing great work and making people happy.

Great and successful estheticians aren’t born, they are made, through professional and high-quality training combined with support from professionals and instructors who are just as passionate as our students. Our goal is to see you succeed, not just get you through the program and ship you out. We want our students to understand the industry and what it means to be an esthetician, and we want them to succeed in their careers, which is why our three major requirements are as follows:

  1. A high-school transcript demonstrating successful completion of Grade 9 Math and Grade 10 Science.
    • This is required by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission to become a Journey-person Esthetician.
  2. A short essay demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the industry and what it means to be an esthetician, as well as your goals for your career and future.
  3. An interview, scheduled after we receive your application, that will familiarize you with what we expect from you as a student of Spa Academy, and help familiarize us with what you expect from your time in our program.

That’s it. We need a bit more information as part of the application process, but we choose our applicants based on how well they meet the above 3 criteria, so apply now and show us what you’ve got!