Individual (singles) Eyelash Extensions – 120 minutes

The trendy and always popular semi-permanent eyelash extensions!

These mink eyelash extensions fasten to each one of your existing eyelashes and last until that specific eyelash falls out of the follicle. Styles range from simple dark and understated to extravagant and multi-coloured; it’s up to you!

The products we use are created by Micha Lash to meet and exceed Health Canada standards as well as esthetics standards around the world. In addition, our Eyelash Extension Technicians are certified directly by Micha Lash, not to mention we teach their Eyelash Extension courses here at Spa Academy, so rest assured you’re safe in our hands.

Permanent individual eyelash extensions can last for weeks upon weeks, but we suggest having yours filled every couple of weeks or so to replace any eyelashes that have fallen out and to keep the luscious and full look. The number of eyelashes missing will affect the length and price of your fill or touch-up.