Therapeutic Pedicure – 60 minutes

When you really need a pedicure, this is the one for you!

Recommended monthly for those who want to improve and maintain their feet when they need a bit more TLC!

You spend hours and hours on your feet every day, and they’re probably usually the last thing on your mind. This therapeutic pedicure treats the common signs of wear and tear and leaves your feet feeling amazing. The intensive therapy chosen by your and your technician will soothe, heal, and protect this often over worked and neglected part of the body.

Includes: Moisturizing foot bath, toenail grooming, skin smoothing, extensive lower leg and foot massage, all finished with a moisture surge treatment for the skin and polish to finish nails.

Your pedicure will include ONE of the following intensive treatments. (student/supervisor will recommend which treatment is best suited to clients’ needs) Additional treatments can be added for $5 each, if time permits. Please request at booking to ensure availability.

  • Intensive nail grooming (for thicker, curved or overgrown nails)
  • Intensive cuticle work (for overgrown and excessive buildup of skin cells on and/around the nail)
  • intensive skin conditioning (for thick and/or excessively dry skin or calloused skin)
  • Exfoliation. (gentle scrub to remove dead skin on the foot to better allow penetration of active ingredients and moisture)
  • Moisture mask with heated booties. (intensive moisture to restore the skins softness and elasticity. The deep penetrating heat relaxes muscles and soothes tired feet)
  • Extra 5 minutes of massage (just because you deserve it!)