Bikini Line Wax – 30 minutes

A clean-up of everything that shows when wearing your bikini!

Your underwear remains on during a bikini wax while the sides are pulled in so any hair outside of the elastic line can be removed. The top elastic line can also be cleaned up if required. For some women there is also hair on the inside and upper legs that may also be removed. The price of a bikini wax may depend on the extent of removal desired.

Please note that hair must be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long for optimal results and customer comfort. Hair that is too short may not be completely removed, and hair that is too long may break off instead of being removed at the root.

This is not a Brazilian wax. If you are interested in a Brazilian wax please see our professional services menu. You may want to trim hair in this area to the appropriate length.