The School

Education here at Spa Academy can take place in a couple ways: one of our two full-time programs or our individual part-time courses. No matter what you’re looking for in a school, we have it for you here.

Full Time Programs:
Esthetician – Skin Care Technician
Esthetician – Nail Technician

     Our Full-Time Programs differ in time and learning. Esthetician – Skin Care Technician is a 25 week program with a 780 hour requirment. Esthetician – Nail Technician is a 14 week program with a 420 hour requirement. Students are on-campus from 9:00am to 4:30 each day from Monday to Friday. These full-time programs teach a wide range of esthetics services as well as spa-related business skills and is the perfect choice for future spa professionals. In addition to providing the pre-requisite training for Journeyperson Esthetician status, the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission also recognises these full hours of schooling towards the two recognised Journeyperson Esthetician certifications.

Spa Academy Full-Time Graduates have a 90%+ Employment Rate!

If being a professional esthetician sounds right for you, head over to our Full-Time Program section to learn more.

Part-Time Esthetics Classes

     Our part-time esthetics classes are designed for those who are only interested in a specific service or skill, but are still looking for top-quality education. These express courses are taught in modular “one service” format, using streamlined information taken directly from our full-time curriculum (based primarily on service being taught). Further training may be required for employment within the industry, or to qualify for journeyperson exams. Part-time students are expected to complete a majority of their practice sets on their own time, with class time acting as theory and demonstration as well as supervised services. For most of our part-time classes, students books their exam on a date of their choice after the class and all the required practice has been completed, though some part-time classes have specific exam days.

Part-Time Classes use the same information as our full-time Programs.

If you are interested in part-time training check out our Part-Time Classes section.

     We also offer courses that allow you to expand or upgrade your education to help prepare you for Saskatchewan Journeyperson standard services and exams.

For more information on our full-time program or part-time classes please contact us!