Body & Facial Waxing

What this course covers:

This course will provide you with the theory, knowledge and step by step procedure of effective, safe and comfortable hair removal on eyebrows, underarm, leg & bikini with model. This program consists of 2 days of training spread over approx.4-6 weeks, with a certification exam (day 3) at the conclusion of the training period. Students will be supported by a digital classroom full of study tools, and demonstration videos to complete all necessary components and prepared for their written and practical exams. Certification will be granted to all students that successfully pass all assignments and exams.

Professionalism and Ethics

Infection Control: Sanitation, Disinfection, Sterilization

Anatomy of the Hair

Health & Safety-Client/Technician

Contraindications of Waxing

Waxing Products, Supplies and Equipment

Waxing Procedures (strip and hard waxes)

Client Education

Booking and Re-booking Appointments

Basic First Aid and Troubleshooting

Pricing and Profit

Consultation and Analysis


Course Breakdown (2 consecutive days in class)

  • In Person Day One -Theory -7 Hours
    • Theory introduction for all chapters of waxing program
    • Products/equipment
    • Safety/SDS
    • Contraindications
    • Procedures
  • In Person Day Two  7 Hours
    • Intro to Waxing: Demonstrations of skills
    • Station Set up
    • Consultation and Analysis
    • Practicing on live model: Lower leg and basic bikini waxing (one side only) and both eyebrows.
    • Proper product application and removal.
    • Tweezer technique
    • Proper sanitation and station clean up.
    • Assignments given and explained
  • Assignments and chapter quizzes to be completed during study period
  • Student will continue with support of Google classroom

Exam Day- Written Exam- 1.5 hours: Held on site twice per month. To be booked by student.

  • Photo ID required (copy will be made and attached to file to confirm identity for future exams)
  • Student must achieve 75% or higher to move to Practical Exam ($75 fee to re-write)

            **Student will be emailed with exam results within 14 days of written date.

Exam Day- Practical Exam- 3 hours

  • To qualify for practical exam, student must have completed and handed in all assignments.
  • Educator will contact student via email when they qualify for practical exam.
  • All assignments must be presented in an organized complete manner. Non-compliance may result in additional assignments to qualify for exams.
  • Full appointment protocols and procedures on live model
    • Lower leg, basic bikini, underarm (One side only)
    • and both eyebrows.
  • Service will be assessed and marked by examiner
  • Successful students will be issued certification in Professional Facial and Body Waxing
  • Unsuccessful students will be assessed and given instructions to prepare for second exam attempt (at students cost)
  • 48hr-cancellation policy on all exams. Non-compliance will result in rewrite fees.
    • Practical Exam fee: $175 + Written: $75


Tuition: $ 795.00 (Includes 60 day access to digital classroom to further support your learning while away from the academy)

Kit: $50.00 (Includes manual, professional tweezers and supplies for in class dates) **Student will be required to purchase own supplies for practise period away from the academy.

TOTAL: $850.50 (Includes Taxes) – $300 Deposit

*****JUMP START BONUS…..Early access to digital course materials will be granted to students that pay the full tuition at least 30 days prior to class start date. Please note: they are NO REFUNDS once student has entered the digital classroom.

2022 Class Dates

Training Days              Projected Exam Day

  • April 23, 24             May 28- CLASS FULL
  • June 18, 19            July 23- Class FULL
  • August 8,9              Sept 27th (weekday class)-Limited Spots!

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