Brazilian Waxing

1 Day
Tuition: $295
Must be proficient with Hard Wax
Previous Waxing Course Recommended
2 Models Required

This Brazilian Waxing course is designed for those with previous waxing experience who would like to offer the additional service of Brazilian Waxing, which can be an extremely lucrative service to provide! Because of the nature of the class and technique, students registering for this class must have experience and be proficient with hard wax. The class is taught using LCN Hard Wax.

The class includes a small theory component and then practical on two models, provided by the student. The first model is demonstrated on bby the instructor while the second model is waxed by the student under the supervision and direction of the instructor. Due to the nature of the class, all Brazilian Waxing instruction takes place 1-on-1. Please contact us directly to book this class as dates are not scheduled.

Scheduled Classes

    No classes scheduled, please call to book.

If you are interested in this class pleaseĀ Contact Us.