Part-Time Registration

How to Register:


1. Look over our Part-Time Classes and find a class date you wish to attend. Class dates can be found on the specific information pages for each class.


2. Fill out the registration form.


A $200 deposit is required for all class registrations. This deposit is non-refundable except due to extenuating circumstances, but can be applied to a future class if for some reason you are unable to attend. Cancellations 30 days or more prior to the class date are eligible for a refund of their deposit. If you did not provide a credit card number on the registration form, you may pay your deposit:

  • In-person by credit card, debit card, cheque, or cash
  • Over-the-phone by credit card
  • By Interac e-mail money transfer to [email protected]
  • By mail using cheque or money order


We will contact you directly to finalize your registration, and to collect a deposit if necessary.


Once your registration has been finalized we will send you:

  • An invoice detailing the full amount payable for the class, including tuition, kit costs, taxes, and any other applicable costs
  • A receipt for your deposit
  • A confirmation letter detailing class times, model requirements, what you must bring, dress code, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


If you are having trouble with any of these steps, please give us a call and we can process your entire registration over the phone!