Group Bookings

Spa Academy is an ideal place for Bridal showers, pre-wedding parties, a start to a bachelorette party, birthdays, or even just a girl’s day. Because of the large number of stations and students we have available at any given time we can accommodate rather large groups and ensure that everyone receives the services they desire.

To keep everyone together, we have:

  • Six pedicure stations, across the room (and within conversation distance!) from,
  • Six manicure and/or artificial nail stations, as well as,
  • A separate room with four facial beds available for waxing, skin care therapies (e.g. facials), and eyelash and eyebrow treatments such as tinting and extensions.

The main digits area can accommodate a group of up to 8-10, alternating hand and foot services, while a group of 4 can occupy the secondary facial room for all other services. For a group of exactly four, we can also perform pedicures in the facial room to add a little privacy. We have a couple options for how you can go about booking a group:

Keep It Simple

The first option is to simply book in each person for the desired services and request that all of the services be performed together. This option will have other spa clients receiving services at the same time as your group, unless you specifically request the facial room for your group of exactly four. Please note that we require a 50% deposit for all services requested for groups of 3 or larger booked under option one.

Book Out the Entire Place

The second option involves booking the entire spa from either 9:30am to 12:30pm or 1:00pm to 4:00pm. This option comes at a cost of $500. With this option your group will receive 3 hours of your choice of services from our entire team of professionals-in-training and your group can have as many or as few services as you would like. For example, if you have 10 people in for 3 hours we can perform a therapeutic pedicure and therapeutic manicure for each person, a regular total cost of $770. We could also perform some facial waxing and brow tinting for those interested, so there is significant value in booking out the entire place if you have the right number of people!

With the second option we also include snacks, non-alcoholic sparkling wine, and of course our complimentary beverages that are always available. Please note that this option must be booked and paid for in full at least 4 weeks in advance. However, we recommend booking at least a month ahead (if not further) to guarantee you will get the date and time of your choice.

To book, give us a call at (306) 477-0187 or contact us