Student Services

Our professionals-in-training perform all of the services found in the menu below!

Primary Students are practicing new skills  and have less experience. They require longer appointments and more instructor interaction during services.

Sr. Students have developed their skills further, are more time efficient, and require less interaction from our educators.

Some customers may require the skill set of a Sr Student. We strive to match the needs of the client, to the student skill set. We kindly ask you co-operation in booking with the appropriate student. Failure to do so may result in loss of appointment, and we would hate to disappoint you.

Please note that depending on the level of difficulty or medial conditions, some clients may require professional level service.

All student services performed at Spa Academy receive – at the very least – a pre- and post-check to ensure the students are on the right track and competently perform your service to the best of their ability. 



*Please note prices are subject to change without notice**

Primary Manicure (with Entry Level Student)


Sr. Student Manicure


Additional Treatments:

Extra Massage $5 for 5 Minutes

Add Moisture Surge

(Must be requested at time of booking).

Primary Pedicure (with Entry Level Student)


Sr. Student Pedicure


Addition Treatments:

Extra Massage available for $5 for 5 minutes.  (must be mentioned at time of booking)

Daytime Make-up Application

Evening Make-up Application (Sr. Student)

Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash Tint

European Cleansing Facial

Please note: Depending on difficulty and amount of hair removal needed, you may require Professional services.


Upper Lip

Chin or Hairline




Half Leg

Regular Polish Change

Add 5 Minute Massage

Add Moisture Surge

Add Nail Art (with Advanced Students Only) Must be booked in advance.
$1 and up per nail

Add Rhinestone (With Advanced Students Only) Must be booked in advance
$1 and up